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CD Cover "Bahnen am Semmering"

"Bahnen am Semmering"

This documentation describes the individual sections of Gloggnitz to Mürzzuschlag be traveled by various Zugsgarnituren and locomotives, the range from the oldest continuously operating electric locomotives to the "Taurus". Beautiful shots, in which the mountain harmonizes with the engineering structures of collected a World Heritage Site "Semmering Railway" and the trains, offers this video "travel". Furthermore even shooting the already long set "local railway Payerbach-Hirschwang" and the forest railway from Steinhaus to Rettenegg can be seen as a special rarities.
DVD-R, running time: 52 min, published by "Bahn im Film"
Available in all tracings of Nostalgiezug Semmering at a price of 36 €


"Einmal Semmering bitte"

Einmal Semmering bitteThe amateur photographer Manfred Wolf documented in some 100 large-format images a journey over the Semmering Railway from Gloggnitz to Mürzzuschlag. This illustrated book shows in the current and sometimes historic images the viefältigen electric train operations on the route between 1990 and 2015. It also shows the numerous audacious buildings in the distance and the beautiful surroundings in all seasons and in all weathers. A book that interested railway and lovers will prepare this landscape alike delight.

An exclusive limited edition book. 215 x 300 mm, hardcover, 106 pages
Available in all tracings of Nostalgiezug Semmering at the price 24,90 €

The proceeds will go to the preservation and expansion of the Ghega Museum.


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